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Joint Syndicate Meeting & ICYM Election

The Joint Syndicate meeting of KCYM began at 11.30am in POC on 1 February. In preparation to the Joint Syndicate, the newly elected leaders along with Fr. Mathew Jacob Thiruvalil QIC (State Director], gathered in POC and started their new mission and the first secretariat with an evening adoration dedicated for the newly elected leaders, KCYM members, directors and animators on 31 January. His Excellency Mar Joseph Pandarasseril (KCBC Youth Commission Chairman] inaugurated the meeting. Rev. Dr. Stephen Alathara, (Deputy Secretary General, KCBC and Director, POC] addressed the syndicate members and the newly elected leaders reminding their duty to become a unifying element in the Catholic Church in Kerala. Adv. Antony Ambatt, the first president of KCYM, congratulated both the newly elected leaders and the ex-officio members. After finaliz-ingthe action plan for the year 2014, the new ICYM representatives were elected according to the guidelines and statutes of both KCYM and ICYM. The newly elected ICYM representatives: (1) Jemcy, Cochi, (2] Jinson, Changanachery