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Catholic Engineering and Medical College Managers Meet

A meeting of the managers of Catholic Engineering and Medical Colleges was held on 31 January at POC under the Chairmanship of Rt. Rev. Dr. Mar Andrews Thazhath (Chairman, KCBC Commission for Education). The meeting was very cordial. The Chairman thanked the former members of the Commission for their tireless service. He made it clear to all the participants that our service in this field is to witness Jesus and not for any other mo- tives. Also he insisted that our attitude towards the society must be what Christ expects from us. Adv. Jose Kannanthanam, Mr. P.J. Ignatius and Rev. Fr. Antony Kariyil CML Fr. Jacob S. Palackappilly, Secretary of the commission shared their views and expressed their will to help those who wish to get their assistance. All the participants engaged in fruitful discussions and the meeting ended with a thanksgivingprayer.