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KCBC Pro-Life Ministry Executives and resource persons.

When life is brutally murdered, 'in mother's womb as well as outside', and when the weak ones are tortured by the strong, we cannot be indifferent; said KCBC Pro-Life Director Rev.Fr. Jose Kottayil, inaugurating the meeting held at POC for the KCBC Pro-Life ministry Executives and Resource persons. The meeting was arranged on the occasion of observing Global Life day on March 25 by the Catholic Church. The Samithy President George F Xavier presided over. General Secretary Sabu Jose, Sr. Mary George FCC, Adv. Jose K A , Adv. Josy Xavier Kochi, Yugesh Pulikkan Kuravilangad, Salu Abraham, James Aazhchangaadan and Martin Noonus delivered speeches. The meeting decided to conduct intense prayers in the Holy week against the violence towards life and also to donate life saving Blood in the place of bloodshed. The KCBC requested the Pro-Life Ministry to come forward for leading the KCBC proclaimation to pray and repent against the violence all over the world.