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Privacy of Individaul should be respected - Deputy Secretary General

The Central Governments stand stating that the privacy of individuals is not a fundamental right should be taken for serious studies and evaluations. The serious social issues that might be created if Government, media, other individuals and public can enter one's privacy should be evaluated. If the situation of intruding into one's freedom arises, then it ends one's autonomy. This will slowly give rise to society's and Governments' dictatorship tendency. The right democratic culture is to respect the sacredness of individual personality by society and nation and respecting the common and legal standards of the society by individuals. The personal information required for Aadhar should be essential for the society discipline and legal conditions and should respect an individuals' rightful privacy. Freedom without a limit is not only discomforting for an individual but also for the society. One leads to dictatorship and the other to anarchy.