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KCBC Theological Colloquium

"Religious extremism grows in world due to terrorism and it can be overcome only through love, patience and mutual recognition"; proclaimed KCBC Vice President, Archbishop Mar Joseph Perunthottam inaugrating the Kerala Catholic Bishops' Council' and Theology Commissions' one day conference at Mount St. Thomas, Kakkanad; the Syro- Malabar Church's' headquarters. He added that religious extremism and terrorism do not have any place in the real essence and values of religions. The Conference instructed that the Theological scholars should frequently meet and think about the issues being faced by the society and discuss solutions. It also observed that if various religious followers are ready to act together in issues of the people then misconceptions and hatred will give way to friendship and unity. The conference observed that the Theologians are responsible for evaluating the theoretical, financial and political reasons behind religious extremism and propose the preventive measures; Prof. Hameed Chendamangaloor presented new measures for religious terrorism, in the discussion regarding the various phases of religious extremism. Adv. Sebastian Paul presented today's condition of terrorism in Kerala and Rev. Dr. Tony Neelankavil presented the answers to Christian religious extremism as well. KCBC Secretary General Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Kariyil, Theology Commission Chairman Bishop Abraham Mar Julios, Secretary, Rev. Dr. Mathew Kadavil and KCBC Deputy Secretary General Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt spoke in the occasion. Nearly 100 people joined the conference including Kerala Catholic Bishops, selected Theology scholars and Rectors from various monasteries, Theology Professors, various commission secretaries of KCBC and Rectors from Minor Monasteries.