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Taxation Advisory Committee

A meeting of the Advisory Committee held on 26th Aug was chaired by Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt, Deputy Secretary General, KCBC. Mr. L. Kuriakose read and explained the draft prepared which is to be presented in the CBDT New Delhi on 3rd September 2015, The expert team of Mr. L. Kuriakose and CA C.J. Romid along with Adv. Romy Chacko will present in the CBDT New Delhi on 3 Sept. 2015. There was a suggestion to find a legal professional, with the consent of Adv. Jose Kannamthanam to pursue the case in another purview, in the event of an unfortunate result, if any, that may arise in this current proceedings. The meeting felicitated Rev. Dr. Antony Kariyil CMI, in his absence, the newly appointed Bishop of Mandya Diocese. Rev. Dr. Thomas Manjakunnel CMI said vote of thanks and the meeting concluded at 6.10 pm.