Praise The Lord
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01 THU KCBC Commission Secretaries Meeting St. Peter’s Hall 09.30 am

01 THU Witnesses of Mercy St. Pauls Hall 09.00 am

01 THU Theology Class L.F. Auditorium 05.30 pm

02 FRI Marriage Preparation Course Begins L.F. Auditorium 09.00 am

02 FRI First Friday Adoration POC Chapel 12.30 pm

02 FRI Laity Commission Meeting St. Luke’s Hall 02.30 pm

02 FRI Vagmayam St. Peter’s Hall 05.00 pm

02 FRI Witnesses of Mercy Concludes St. Pauls Hall 08.00 pm

03 SAT Religious PRO’s & Media Director’s Meeting St. Paul’s Hall 10.00 am

03 SAT Psychology Class St. Peter’s Hall 02.00 pm

03 SAT KCBC Drama Competition Begins MT Auditorium 05.00 pm

04 SUN Marriage Preparation Course Concludes L.F. Auditorium 01.00 pm

05 MON Fathers Staff Meeting St. Peter’s Hall 08.35 am

05 MON Pharmaceutical Training St. Luke’s Hall 09.30 am

05 MON Smart India Programme St. Paul’s Hall 10.00 am

05 MON Unbound Meeting L.F. Auditorium 06.00 pm