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Inter-Religious Dialogue

Inaugurating the seminar on Per-spectiro of St. John XXIII & St. John Paul II on inter-religious dialogue. Prof. M. K. Sanoo, commented on their views, aims and thoughts. He also added that the Inter-religious dialogue, which John XXIII began in the church, was effectively extended in to solving political and world problems by his successor, St. John Paul II. Inter-Religious Dialogue can be accomplished only when varied opinions in culture and equality are merged. In his presidential address Dr. K.S. Radhakrishnan pointed out that dialogue is the path to search for truth. Rev. Dr. Stephen Alathara presided over the function. Rev. Dr, Paul Thelakkat, Rev. Dr. Zaharias Paranilam voiced their opinions on this topic. Rev. Fr. Roby Kannachira CMI (KCBC Dialogue & Ecumenism Commission Secretary) and John Paul also addressed the gathering.