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Seminar on ‘Indian Viewpoint on Family’

Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolakkat, Chairman of KCBC Dialogue and Ecumenism Commission opined that society should strive united to destroy the evil powers that cause havoc to the stability of our families. He was addressing the inaugural meeting of the seminar on 'Indian Viewpoint on Family' organised by KCBC Dialogue & Ecumenism Commission. The influence of the Western culture has brought forth certain sinful practices. Same sex marriages and live-in relationships are some of the evils that have been incorporated into our social system. To overthrow these pernicious practices, fierce studies and actions should be taken. Rev. Dr. Stephen Alathara (KCBC Deputy Secretary General) presided over. Swami Sivaswaroopananda (Secretary Advaitasramam Aluva), Imam Sulaiman Maulavi (Cheraman Juma Masjid, Kodungallur), Rev. Dr. Augustine Kalleli and Kervinder Singh were others who presented the various outlooks of a family, based on different religions. Fr. Roby Kannanchira CMI (Secretary, KCBC Dialogue & Ecumenism Commission), Rev. Fr. Cherian Karukaparambil (Joint Secretary, KCBC Dialogue & Ecumenism Commission) and Rev. Fr. Joseph Sugun Leon (Joint Secretary, KCBC Dialogue & Ecumenism Commission) also spoke in the function. Representatives from 16 Dioceses were present.