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16WED CHAI – Chemical Establishment and GSTMT Auditorium 09.30 am


16WED Bible Class L.F. Auditorium 05.30 pm


17 THU KTA Executive Meeting St. Paul’s Hal l11.00 am


19 SAT Psychology Class L.F. Auditorium 02.00 pm


22 TUE Caritas Meeting Begins St. Peter’s Hall  09.30 am


23 WED Caritas Meeting Concludes  St. Peter’s Hall  02.00 pm


23  WED Bible Class L.F. Auditorium  05.30 pm


29 TUE Jesus Fraternity – Director’s Meeting St. Peter’s Hall 09.30 am


30 WED Seminar – Peace & Sustainable Development
Bp. Selvister Ponnumuthan, Swami Bodhendra Thirtha
Acharya Sachidananda Bharathi L.F. Auditorium 09.30 am


30 WED Bible Class L.F. Auditorium 05.30 pm






About Palarivattom Community Development Trust (PCDT)

Palarivattom Community Development Trust (PCDT) is the social welfare centre of the POC established in the year 1978. The PCDT meant an overall development of poor people residing in and around Palarivattom. The PCDT is a registered society and the society is working with the sincere co-operation of some well-wishers. The POC bought 1.2 acres of land in 1978 for the purpose of the social activities of the PCDT. The Director of the POC is the ex-officio President of the Palarivattom Community Development Trust.
It was established to promote the economic, social, educational, moral and cultural advancement of the people of Palarivattom and adjoining areas. The centre aims at fostering social consciousness, cooperative spirit and sense of civic duty among the people of the area by encouraging the habit of self-help and thrift among the people.(1) Tailoring Centre, (2) Lourdes Health Clinic run by the support of Lourdes Hospital Ernakulum, (3) ARDSI dementia day care centre. (4) Geriatric training programme for six months by Central Government of India hosted by ARDSI, (5) A National helpline for dementia by ARDSI, newly started and functioning in the centre, (6) The PCDT also concentrates on home visits, (7) Organic Farming, (8) Ornaments Making, (9) Screen Printing and (10) Fabric Printing are functioning in the PCDT campus of the POC.

The Objectives of the Trust

  • I. To promote the economic, social, educational, moral and cultural advancement of the people of Palarivattom and adjoining areas.
  • II. To foster social consciousness, co-operative spirit and sense of civic duty among the people of Palarivattom and adjoining areas.
  • III. To encourage the habit of self –help and thrift among the people.
  1. To start small saving schemes.
  2. To start cottage and agro-industries
  3. To provide employment facilities to the unemployed.
  4. To start co-operative societies, credit banks and consumer stores.
  5. To construct houses for the houseless which are unfit for habitation
  6. To improve the sanitary and hygienic conditions and health of the people.
  7. To provide for medical help to the sick.
  8. To start orphanages and destitute homes.
  9. To build new roads andimprove the exiting roads
  10. To improve irrigation facilities
  11. To encourage the adoption of scientific methods of cultivation.
  12. To encourage “temperance” among people.
  13. To educate people on moral values, civic duties, dignity of labour.
  14. To start new schools and upgrade the exiting schools
  15. To give educational aid to deserving students.
  16. To provide for adult education.
  17. To establish libraries and reading rooms
  18. To help the poor, the needy and the disabled
  19. To provide facilities for games and entertainments
  20. To build a community hall
  • V. To acquire by purchase, gift, transfer, exchange, lease or otherwise and accept on Trust, properties moveable of any description and to receive any bequests, Legacies, endowments or foundations for the purpose of the Trust.
  • VI. To enter in to any arrangement with any Government, Municipal or local bodies, bodies corporate, companies, firms or individual for the conduct and maintenance of, or concerning any institutions, woks, or establishments for the purpose of the Trust.
  • VII. To construct or erect upon the premises acquired for the purpose of the Trust, any building, structures, fittings, or fixtures and to alter, add to, remove or demolish the same
  • VII. To improve, manage, develop, dispose of , sell, lease, let, sub-let, under- lease, mortgage or turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of the Trust including the making and giving of subscriptions, contributions or assistance to charitable or educational institution or organizations or to deserving individuals for the purpose of the Trust.
  • IX. To invest and deal with the moneys of the Trust for the furtherance of the objects of the Trust and to open and operate bank accounts in the name of the Trust.
  • X. To lend any advance the moneys of the Trust for the objects of the Trust and on such persons and institutions and on such conditions as may be determined by the board of Trustees.
  • XI. To draw, make, accept, endorse or, otherwise negotiate any promissory note, bill of exchange, cheque or other negotiable or transferable instruments for the purpose for the purposes of the Trust.
  • XII. To borrow and to raise any moneys required for the purpose of the Trust upon such terms and in such manner and on such securities as may be determined by the board of Trustees.
  • XIII. To use the income from the property – movable and immovable – or from the woks and undertaking of the Trust whomsoever derived, for the objects of the Trust as set forth in this memorandum of Association. No portion of such income shall be distributed among its members, by way of profits, dividends or bonuses, provided however that nothing herein contained shall prevents the payment in good faith of remuneration to any officers or servants of the Trust.
  • XIV.To do all such other things as may by incidental or conducive to the attainment of the Trust.