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Abp. George Njaralakkatt

Bp. Dr. Tony Neelankavil
Vice Chairman

Bp. Alex Vadakkumthala
Vice Chairman

Rev. Fr. Simon Pallupetta

Rev. Sr. Lilly Thomas DM,
Joint Secretary

Rev. Fr. Saju Varghese Kanichukunnath
Joint Secretary

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Rev. Fr. Simon Pallupetta
CHAI Kerala

Rev. Sr. Elsitta CMC
CHAI Kerala

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The Catholic Health Association of India - Kerala region was inaugurated in the year 1962 at Little Flower Hospital Angamaly, to provide accessibility to qualitative health services to the poor and the marginalized in the society. It has wide network relationship with 280 hospitals and Clinics, 29 Diocesan Social Service Societies and75 other charitable institutions.

CHAI-Kerala is also functioning in collaboration with KCBC Health Commission. It was on 21st December 2003 during the annual general body meeting of Catholic Health Association of India- Kerala Region (CHAI-Kerala) that His Excellency Rt.Rev.Dr.Varghese Chakkalakal, Chairman KCBC Health Commission and Ecclesiastical advisor to CHAI-Kerala, at that time, pronounced the appointment of K C B C Health Commission Secretary. The President of CHAI-Kerala and its Executive members were made the KCBC Health Commission Secretary and the Executive Members respectively. Thereby even though technically there were two entities, practically they became one and the same. Both began to work together as per the directions and guidelines of His Excellency, the Chairman, Health Commission.

During the past 46 years the member institutions of CHAI-Kerala have played a vital role in the over all health promotion in Kerala. While the Hospitals mainly concentrate in the institutionalized patient care, the other member institutions like social service societies and community health organizations engage themselves in community based health promotion through preventive and promotive health services.
It had implemented number of health projects with various agencies and hospitals in the past. Almost all the projects were oriented in capacity building, of personnel of member institutions, by providing training and health awareness and promotion of the people in the rural and village areas. CHAI - Kerala reads the signs of the time and responds creatively to the various needs of the Kerala region. It has also implemented various need-based projects.


Having received the mandate from Jesus, the Divine Healer, and urged by His compassionate love, the Catholic Church in Kerala envisages a just, peaceful and healthy society, where people, especially the poor and marginalized, attain and maintain holistic well being and live in harmony with the Creator, with one another and with the environment.


  • Provide humanizing care, considering the dignity of the person and the needs of society. Strive for the healing of the total person-physical, psychological, social and spiritual well being.
  • Ensure preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health care to all, particularly the poor and the marginalized through enabling process,
  • Engage in social mobilization of the community by creating awareness of their rights, duties and responsibilities related to health issues.

KCBC Health Commission
Catholic Health Association of India CHAI Kerala

KCBC Health Commission has made tremendous impact in the Health Care System of Kerala through its members and member institutions with its dedicated and unconditional services in the healthcare sector of Kerala. KCBC Health Commission and CHAI together has been creating linkage and participating in various activities that would help in attaining a better and safer platform for all CHAI hospitals in Kerala. The year 2018-19, KCBC Health Commission organized various events aimed to uplift the standards and protocols of small & medium CHAI hospitals in Kerala. It also conducted various symposiums, workshops mainly on minimum wage and discussions tackling issues and concerns in the realm of changing policies of the Government, infection control certificate program, Nursing Excellence training program, Flood Relief Response meeting in collaboration with Health Directorate of Kerala Government to discuss the role and responsibility of Catholic hospitals and social service societies to control fast spreading epidemic, Leptospirosis, Dengue fever etc.
KCBC Health Commission consists of CHAI Kerala, Sister Doctors Forum of Kerala and Catholic Nurses Guild(CNG). CHAI Kerala is completing its 56th year of journey and consists of 5 Zones with more than 370 members which include Super Specialty, Medium, and Small Hospitals, Nursing Colleges, Nursing Schools and Social Developmental Non Profit NGOs. 
A summary of the strength of CHAI Kerala 

Member Institutions No
Medical Colleges 3
Hospitals Above 400 Beds 12
Hospitals : 100- 400 Beds 52
Hospitals : 1- 100 Beds 93
Dispensaries & Clinic 35
Social Service Societies & Charitable Institutions 68
Nursing Schools and Colleges 107
Total 370

KCBC Health Commission & CHAI-Kerala Board Meeting 2018 
Board Meeting were held on 5th Jan 2018 , 25th Jan 2018, 9th May 2018 , 4th June 2018. The 
meeting mainly discussed the matters presently facing by our Hospitals in relation to New Wage Scale for 
Nurses and other Employees, Memorandum to CM and Health department on minimum wage, Common 
purchase Program and action plan for next two years etc. 
Common Purchase Committee
Two meetings were conducted regarding the purchase and negotiation of consumables, orthopaediatric 
products ect on 11th January and 10th May 2018 at Pastoral Orientation Centre, Palarivattom.
Around 30 companies were presented for negotiation of consumable products.
Seminar on Advancement in sterilization practices to prevent SSI
A Seminar were conducted regarding the advancement in sterilization practices to prevent SSI, CHAI in 
collaboration with 3M India Ltd on 20th January (Saturday) 2018.,10 a.m. at Pastoral Orientation Centre,
Palarivattom. Around 50 members were attended the seminar.
National Leaders Reflection Meeting 
CHAI- National Leaders reflection meeting were held at Bangalore on 20th and 21st February 2018.
Ten members were attended From CHAI- Kerala.
Infection Control Certificate Program
Second Batch Infection Control certificate program second batch held on March 12th,13th and 14th at 
Lisie hospital, Ernakulam in collaboration with CHAI-Kerala, Lisie Hospital and 3M India Ltd. 32 members 
were attended the course.
High Court Mediation Meeting on Nurses Salary and Minimum Wage with UNA
CHAI-Kerala attended the High Court Mediation Meeting on Nurses Salary and Minimum Wages with UNA 
representatives and Management representatives on 12th March 2018.
Meeting with Minimum Wage Advisory Committee
CHAI-Kerala directors and representatives attended the hearing by minimum wage advisory committee on 
Nurses’s Minimum wage at Ernakulam and Trivandrum.
Special Meeting on Nurses’s Minimum Wage Notification and it’s Implications
A special meeting conducted by CHAI-Kerala on 28th April 2018 at Pastoral Orientation Centre Palarivattom.
This program focused on Nurse’s minimum wage Notification, it’s implications, Rate Schedule & Revision of 
rates and further steps to be taken. During the meeting lot of problems were discussed amoung the
participants regarding their respective institutions.
Meeting started at 2.00 p.m, around 200 participants were attended the meeting including CHAI-Kerala
Board Members.
CHAI-Kerala Zonal Meeting
CHAI Kerala Zonal Meeting was held on following places, to discuss the relevant issues on minimum wage and other relevant issues.
• St. Joseph Hospital , Manathavady
• Kristuraja Hospital , Thokilangadi, Thalassery
• Caritas Hospital, Thelakam, Kottayam
• Pastoral Orientation Centre , Palarivattom, Ernakulam

Stay Order on Wage Protection System
CHAI Kerala has again obtained a STAY ORDER on WPS on 13/06/2018(which was introduced by Govt. of Kerala vide notification G.O(P).

Nursing Leaders Excellence Program 2018

CHAI Kerala, in association with BD organized second batch of Nursing Leaders Excellence Program for its Member institution on 9th and 10th July 2018,at POC Palarivattom. 50 Nursing Leaders participated from different hospitals under CHAI Kerala. Creating a Nursing Culture, Effective Nursing in the 21st Century, Implementation challenges in Infection Control, Current Challenges in Health care were the topics discussed in the program.
KBT &KSEB Cases in Supreme Court
Kerala Building Tax exemptions for Charitable Hospitals and KSEB special tariff for Charitable Hospitals are 
pending at supreme court of India.
Sister Doctors Forum Annual Meeting
Sister Doctors Forum Kerala Region Annual Meeting Held on 21st and 22nd July 2018 at POC Palarivattom. 
Pesidential by Sr.Dr.Betty Jose,Inaugrated by Fr.Thomas Vaikathuparambil, Key Note Address by Dr.Jose 
Chacko Periyampuram.

Special Meeting on Flood Relief Response in collaboration with Health Directorate of Kerala Government

A special meeting conducted by CHAI-Kerala on 12th September 2018 at Pastoral Orientation Centre 
Palarivattom. This meeting was inaugurated by Cardinal Mar George Alencherry, and the Key note 
Address was given by Dr Saritha R.L. Director of Health Services. Meeting started at 10.00 am. The main
Agenda of the Meeting was 

• The Flood relief response and the future role and responsibility of CHAI Kerala to control fast spreading epidemic, Leptospirosis (Elipani) and Dengue fever.

• How can CHAI Kerala Collaborate with Govt: Health Department in future especially in its Health Policy making for the survival and existence of small hospitals.

• Minimum wage revision related issues and other relevant issues.

Around 200 participants were attended from 77 Hospitals including CHAI-Kerala Board Members.

• Revise Health Policy in consultation with CBCI Health Commission. 
• ldentify and Find Diocesan Level Health Secretaries.
• Implementation Strategies with Time frame.
It will be done by in collaboration with diocesan health secretaries.
• Publishing Catholic Health Directory.
• Catholic Social Security-Health Insurance.
• A circular by KCBC for the data collection of catholic health workers (catholic doctors, sisters, nurses and other technicians)- Diocesan level and Parish Level.
• Strengthening Sister Doctors Forum of Kerala, Catholic Nurses Guild under KCBC in diocesan level.
• Formation of Sister Nurses Forum of Kerala and Catholic Doctors Forum of Kerala.
• Catholic Health Day (World Sick Day) one day Free consultation & treatment in CHAI-Hospitals.
• Promote Organs donations esp.eye donation through the appointment of vision promoters (persons who coordinate the process of eye collection in the event of death between the derived family and the eye bank) in Diocesan, Forane and Parish level.
• Free Cancer Screening Campaigns, Medical Camps and Free Palliative Hospital and Home Care for poor patients.
• ‘ KARUTHAL- Search & Learn ‘ All Kerala Cancer Awareness Campaign for students from schools and colleges and Awards and Certificate of Merit to Prize Winners.
• Qualitative Improvement of CHAI Kerala Hospitals and NABH entry level accreditation for around 70 Hospitals.
• Legal Fight for the minority benefits, rights of Charitable Hospitals [KBT & KSEB] and pressurise Govt. to consider our hospitals as a separate category called Mission Hospitals in grading.
• Promote Yoga for Healthy Life.
• Three or Four Meetings in Zonal Level to discuss relevant health issues and Managerial problems , there by strengthen our catholic Institutions, to give better affordable care to ordinary peoples.
• Managerial Training for Hospital Directors / Administrators in two batches.
• Nursing Excellence Program for Nursing Superintends and Nursing Managers in two batches.
• Infection Control Certificate Program for Nurses in two batches.
• Two day training program for HR managers.
• Seminar on Labour Laws in zonal wise.
• Seminar on new Trends and use social media.

Fr. Simon Pallupetta 
Executive Director CHAI Kerala & KCBC Health Commission Secretary