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Laity Commission
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Bp. Joshua Mar Ignathios

Bp. Mar Sebastian Adayanthrath
Vice Chairman

Bp. Joseph Karikkassery
Vice Chairman

Mr. P.K. Joseph

Rev. Fr. Antony (Joby) Moolayil
Joint Secretary

Rev. Fr. William Rajan
Joint Secretary

Dr. Thomaskutty Panachickal
Joint Secretary

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Mr. P.K. Joseph
Kerala Catholic Federation

Adv. Varghese Koyikkara
Kerala Catholic Federation

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KCBC Laity Commission works under the blessings of its Chairman His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Varghese Chakalakal, the Bishop of Calicut. Their Excellency Bishops Dr. Joseph Mar Thomas, Bishop Mar  Bosco Puthur and Mar Mathew Arackal are the Vice Chairmen of the Commission.

Adv. Antony M. Ambat served as the Secretary while Adv. V.C.Sebastian, Rev Fr. William Rajan and Dr. Thomaskutty Panachikkal are the Joint Secretaries. 


Laity Commission

KCBC president His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Soosa Pakiam, Most Reverend Bishops, Reverend Priests, consecrated persons and my dear fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

In Catholic church where there is diversity of ministry but oneness of mission, laity are called to share the mission of Christ’s church along with bishops, priests and consecrated persons. Catholic church in India is facing so many adversities and challenges, that our existence itself is depending on our hard work and perseverance. In order to overcome these adverse socio- political conditions, laity need to be stronger and more involved in church’s matters.In this hour when KCBC laity commission is striving hard to empower our laity to be more cautious and focused, I am pleased to present to you the Annual report of the KCBC laity commission.

The members of KCBC laity commission for the year 2017-2018 are 
Chairman : Bp. Dr. Joshua Mar Ignathios
Bishop of Mavelikara Diocese & CBCI Vice President

Vice Chairman: Bp. Dr. Sebastian Adayanthrath Auxillary Bishop of Eranakulam
Bp. Dr. Joseph Karikkassery Bishop of Kottapuram

Secretary :Mr. P K Joseph
Joint Secretary : Rev. Fr. Antony Moolayil
                         Rev. Fr. William Rajan
                         Dr. Thomas kuttyPanachickal

KCBC Laity commission works along with KCF latter being a coordinating body for lay organizationsin Kerala’ssui juris catholic churches .
Kerala Catholic Federation
Kerala Catholic Federation was formed in 1996 as an umbrella body which represents the layorganizations(KLCA, AKCC and MCA )inthree rites of catholic church in Kerala. Even after two decades since inception, KCF is still in its infant stage and is yet to pick up its pace. On the other hand the individual lay organizations of three rites are having much penetration and prominence in the society. Even after KCF as a joint platform is still dwelling in its initial work realms. KCF is yet to constitute its by-law and other basic work frames.
KCBC laity commission’s chairman and vice chairman holds the same position in KCF, Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkattu is the pastoral advisor. The new office bearers for the year 2017-18 was elected on 17th December 2017 during KCF general assembly in the presence of His Excellency Dr. Joshua Mar Ignathious (Chairman) and Rev Fr. Varghese Vallikkattu (pastoral advisor). The office bearers are President - Mr. P K Joseph, Gen. Secretary –Adv. Varghese Koikkara, Treasurer- Adv. JestinKarippattu.
Two days State Working Committee
A two days State Working committee meeting was held on 3rd and 4th of March 2018 at POC. During the meeting an elaborate one year action plan for KCF was formulated. On the second day (march 4) a debate was conducted on the topic ‘Kerala’s development and welfare of Scheduled Tribes’. The debate was attended by many activists which include Mr. M Geethanandan -President of AadhivasiGothrasabha and Mr C S Murali – President of Kerala Dalit Mahasabha.
General Assembly
First general assembly for the year 2017-18 was held on 22nd April 2018 at POC. Inauguration of action plan of KCF for the nextone year and inauguration of KCF website was hosted on the day. The day also witnessed the release of next volume of ‘Catholic Voice’.

Pastoral Advisors Conference 
In order to strengthen lay organization and to share organizational experiences among the member lay organizations, a conference was arranged for the diocese level pastoral advisors of all three member lay organizations on 29th may 2018 at POC. Productive discussions were made regarding the future endeavors of the organization.

State level leaders Summit of member lay organizations
A summit was held for diocese and state level delegates of all three lay organizations on 30th June 2018 at POC. A symposium was conducted on the topics of Indian constitution, Democracy, Secularism and Minority rights. Topics were presented by Justice Cyriac joseph and Dr. Sebastian paul.
Formation of Regional Committees
Based on KCF general assembly’s decision to strengthen the lay organization and to build a second echelon of leaders, five regional committees were formedat Thiruvananthapuram, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Thrissur & Kozhikode.Conveners & joint-conveners were elected for all these regions on 30th June 2018 and all the regional committees are functional from that date.
A by-law is an essential document for the proper functioning of any organization. A committee was constituted to form a bylaw for the organization keeping in mind its growth and growth prospects. The draft of by-law has been prepared and for getting approval it is being presented in various committees of KCF.General assembly approved draftwill be presented during KCBC meeting in December for its discretion, and this month itself a copy of the same will be delivered to rev bishops .
Kerala Flood Relief
Torrential rain which hit Keralaresulted in land slides andgrim flood in the state. If the not for the timely action taken by our members along with the rescue team and helping hands the situation in Kerala would have become much worse. Since almost entire state was hit by rain and followed flood ,our organization has instructed its members to take part in relief operation in their respective places. They were able to become helping hands for the needy by providing relief supplies to the camps and also by contributing for rehabilitation.
1. In Kevin Joseph’s Murder case KCF has pointed out lapsesmade by police in fulfilling their duty.
2. Press release on petrol and diesel price hike.
3. Protested against the recommendation made by National Commission for women to ban confession in churches, also has instructed regional committees to take strong action against the same.
4. Petitioned central government to look into theshortfalls in SARFAESI Act and to amend the same.
5. Took a stand against police’s fabrication of evidences in rape accusation case.
6. KCFtook a deliberate effort in responding to supreme court’s concern over recent troublesome events in catholic church.
7. As the explanation to the statementmade by a Maharashtra M P that ‘Christians are Britishers‘ , KCF has released a short note with names of Christians who were freedom fighters.

First of all glory to our lord and GodJesus who shows constant mercy and love in all its forms.

I would like to thank His Grace Dr. SoosaPakim for chairing KCBC and taking the pivotal role in steering catholic church in Keralato new horizons.
From the bottom of my heart I am thankingHis Excellency Dr. Joshua Mar Ignathios, His Excellence Dr. Sebastian Adayanthrathand His Excellence Dr. Joseph Karikkassery forconstantly being with us in the day today operations of KCF and for guiding & supporting us with their valuable visions & feedback.Special thanks to our pastoral advisor Rev. Fr. Varghese vallikkattu whois always there to help with his sincere advises.

I have no word, other than gratitude towards all those reverend priests and consecrated persons who supported us whole heartedly for ensuring the clock like functioning of the organization.

I am also thanking all spiritual leaders, fellow brothers and sisters in three rites who have encouraged and were there at all times of need.
Special thanks to everyone there at POC for extending that loving heart and helping hands.

I am concluding this report by wishing all the very best to all spiritual organizations of catholic church and with a prayer to Lord almighty to make us the best instrument in his hand.

Mr. P.K Joseph
Secretary, KCBC- Laity Commission