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Media Commission
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Bp. Sebastian Thekethecheril

Bp. Mar Joseph Pandarasseril
Vice Chairman

Bp. Mar Pauly Kannookadan
Vice Chairman

Rev. Dr. Abraham Irimbinikal (Cibu)

Fr.Jimmy Poochakkatt
Joint Secretary

Dr. Abraham Joseph
Joint Secretary

Rev. Fr. Sebastian Milton Kalapurakal
Joint Secretary

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KCBC Media Commission came to its existence in the year 1976. In the beginning the media commission focused on various training programmes in POC and in other Diocesan centres in view of building a resource team for media. Later the Commission was engaged in several activities to promote the Catholic presence in the media World. From 1993 onwards the Commission office functions as the regional office of Vatican Radio Malayalam section. A monthly called Vathikan Tharangam  with the message and other activities of Pope is printed and published from this office which is circulated in almost all the Parish Churches and Dioceses in Kerala.  KCBC Media Commission works under the Catholic Bishop’s Council of Kerala with Rt. Rev. Dr. Sebastian Thekkethecheril as the Chairman and  Dr. Joseph Mar Thomas and Mar. Jose Puthenveetil as the Vice Chairmen. 


Media Commission

KCBC MEDIA COMMISSION is an undertaking of Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council to create and enhance a media consciousness and media morality in the society through various media activities. The KCBC Media commission is constituted in a view to promote the mission of the Church to train Church personnel in social communications, to cultivate public relations and interactive culture, to promote performing arts and theatre and also to be a watch and guard in the society to uphold the values of the society. Some of the areas where in the Media Commission took the initiative are given below. The chairman o the commission is Rt. Rev. Dr. Sebastian Thekkethecheril and Mar Pauly Kannookadan and Mar Joseph Pandarassery are the vice Chairmen. Their continued support and encouragement always stirs the activities o the commission. 

1. Song of Songs 
The Song of Songs ecumenical online carol Song Competition Season 2 as conducted more effectively. In addition to the groups o Season 1 School Childen and College Children and Corporate sectors were included. It was so well accepted by the Malayalee Christian Groups all over the world. The participants could send their entries through social media networks. 150 Malayalee teams from all over the world, including from Europe, Australia, America and Gulf countries participated in it. A cash prize of Rupees 1 Lakh was awarded to the Winning team, and Rupees Fifty thousand and twenty thousand or those who were second and third respectively. Different categories like Seminarians, Convents and Parishes were encouraged to Participate. 

2. Media Directors’ Meet
During the period two official meetings of the diocesan media directors were held. The Annual general body meeting of the diocesan media directors was held on February 15, 2018. The meeting was inaugurated by Joshua Mar Ignatius, CBCI Vice president and Chairman of KCBC Social Harmony and Viilance Commission. Rev. Dr. Sebastian Thekkethecheil, Chairman, KCBC Media Commission Presided over the meeting. Rev. Dr. Binoy Pichalakkat, Chief Editor of Ezhuthu Magazine presented the main paper on the Role of the Church in the Contemporary Context of India and Rev. Fr. Deepak Anto presented the theme The role of social media in the present world. 
Second meeting of Media directors was held on 13 October 2018. This was a joint meeting of Social Harmony and Vigilance Commission. The contemporary challenges that are faced in Kerala Church was discussed. Rev. Dr. Augustine Pamplani presented the paper on the theme and Fr. Mathew Chandrankunnel, Adv. Sherry J Thomas, Sri Ejee Parappatt, P I Lazzar master shared their responses. The meeting was inaugurated by Rev. Dr. Joshua Mar Ignatius and presided over by Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkat. 

3. Training Camps.
As it is one of the concerns of the commission we organize different residential programmes and camps. This year we organized different camps for students and youngsters.

2.1 VARA 2018
An Art camp for the students - Vara 2018 - was organized at POC from 7 May to 10 May. A team of experts under the leadership of Fr. Roy Thottam trained the children in the various aspects of painting, pencil sketching, caricature, oil painting and clay modeling. The renowned artists Fr. Aby, Fr. James, Mr. Augustine all rom Tripunithura Art College guided the group.The participants were given the certificates and the follow up for these group will be conducted.

2.2 Wagamon Art Camp 2018
As a continuation of the Religious Artists camp KCBC Media Commission conducted an art camp for the religious. The venue of the camp was in wagamon and those who participated were really motivated by the Natural ambience. This year the camp was conducted with the theme United in diversity for a mission of witness and vigilance. Later the group was organized and formed themselves as CARP – Company of Artists Religious for Peace. 

3.3 CARP Exhibition at Durbar Hall
The Art works of CARP members as well as the participants selected from VARA 2018, and some children from Cardinal School made their art works exhibited for one week. The exhibition, Daya Thusharangal, was inaugurated by the well known columnist Berny Thomas and was graced the occasion by many dignitaries. All the art works had a common theme of Unity in Diversity. The art gallery was visited by many renowned artists and children from various schools.

3.4 Nrutya 2017
A folk dance workshop was organized by the commission for the children from 3 May to 6 2018. Dr. Vincent B Wilson from NATFORM and teachers from Thine Folk Arts Centre, Nagarcoil trained the Children in different levels of Folk Dance. Dr. Wilson is the National Coordinator of folk arts which is unctioning under CBCI office of Communication. It was a new experience for the participants and they were trained in different areas of folk dance.

3.5 Nadya 2018
Theatre Workshop was organized for the youngsters from 10 May to onwards. The camp was conducted under the leadership of well known Theatre Man John T Vekkan. Fr. Daey and the resource persons from different professional institutions helped the children to get acquainted. The groups were trained in the level of street play as well as the theory and practice of Performing arts. Finally they all were motivated to write a script by themselves and stage it.

In collaboration with Jesus Youth media commission organized a Theatre workshop for youth. 30 youngsters interested in audio visual ministry were trained in 4 different modules and after each module they were given the field work and tasks. Those who completed the course were given the certificates. 

3.7 Mugham 2018
Present world is a world of Media and who are influenced mostly by Media are children. Media Commission organised the training for teachers who can guide the students in this media world. The different areas of digital world were introduced to the teachers. Short film making, Mobile Apps, Social networking etc were dealt in the camp.

4. Regional Communication Day
After the decision of II Vatican Council universal Church dedicates one day for the World Communication day. Every year the Kerala Church is celebrating this day with different programme. This year we celebrated the World Communication Day on 3 June. The message of the Holy Father was circulated to all the parishes through the diocesan media directors. This year the media award day and public meeting was conducted on 15 July. In the public meeting conducted in POC auditorium the Media awards were distributed. A musical Concert by the cine music director Roni Raphael was conducted after the award function.

5. Media Awards:
Every Year Media Commission selects renowned persons from different areas. The commission calls forth the entries from different areas to find out the right persons who are eligible for awards. This year Sahitya Award was given to Smt. Lissy from Trissur, Media Award to Sri.Tini Tom, Yuva Prathibha Award to Sri. Roni Raphael, Vynjanika Award to Rev. Dr. Augustine Mulloor. Chavalier Abraham Arackal, Rev. Fr. Alexander Paikada CMI, Rev. Msgr. Mathe M Chalil and Sri Solomon Joseph were honoured with Gurupooja Puraskaram. The Award winners were honoured with Cash Award and mementos.

6. Magazine Editor’ Forum
A meeting of the Catholic Magazine Editors forum was convened in POC on 24 October in a vie to make them feel with the Kerala Church. The editors and publishers rom the leading weeklies and monthlies were present. Dr. Binoy Pichalakkatt presented the main paper and Fr. Bovas Mathew, Sri. Shaji George made their observations. It was suggested that a KCBC Corner in all the Catholic periodicals would be ideal so that it can reach widely. There should be a think tank group who can seriously observe the issues of the time and season and should give proper response of the Church which could be disseminated through all the catholic publications. 

7. Religious Media Councilor’s and PRO Meet
In collaboration with the Social Harmony and Vigilance Commission Religious Media Councilor’s and PRO Meet was conducted on 3 November 2018. Above 120 participants from different religious congregations attended the conference. Rev. Fr. Roy Kannanchira and Rev. Dr. Augustine Pamplani were the resource persons. The presence of his excellency Joshua Mar Ignatius was there for the whole program which helped to share the stand of KCBC as well as the necessary steps to be taken in situations of Crisis were formulated.

8. KCBC Media Digital Platform
We are living in an age of Media where the agendas are set by the traditional media. Very often fake news are being circulated or news with sensational character or breaking news are spreading with out any ethics. Church is also attacked by these media and we are in a way helpless before these Media giants. Now the media commission in collaboration with POC and other commissions has launched a digital platform by which we can circulate the Church views as well as defend our stand.

9. Vigilant Catholic:
Social Media is one of the main platforms where in our new generation come together as in one chat room. We cannot anymore avoid this new media where in they engage with every issues around the world. Sometimes some online news agencies are cornering the Church and tarnish the leaders with proper hidden agenda. In order to defend the Catholic views and protect the Church we have started a new group with the intention of defending the Church. We have a whatsapp group by name The team vigilant Catholic and a face book account Vigilant Catholic by name. It made a very good impact within a short period of time. The commission is planning to organize such groups in every diocese. 

10. Drama Festival.
As in the other years Drama festival was conducted in POC auditorium from 3 November to 15 November 2018.. The scripts from the drama groups were invited and from 35 entries 12 dramas were selected after the scrutiny. Social dramas as well as Bible dramas were performed with the view to promote social and biblical values. This year there was also a Bible Drama by Darsana Kottayam. This year the Social Drama KURUTHY by Trivandrum came in the first place. The winners were awarded with Cash prizes and trophies.

11. Vathikan Tharangam: 
This is the monthly magazine which started it’s publication from 1990 onwards. It mainly focuses on reporting the main events of Vatican as well as the Head of the Church, Pope. A journal with Church views and articles is published from the media office every month. 5000 copies are distributed all Kerala. We used to receive a small subsidy from Vatican for this publication which was stopped in 2016. Still the Commission is continuing the Printing and circulation expecting the co-operation of the people of good will.

These are the main projects undertaken by the Media Commission. Thanks to the Commission Chairman Rt. Rev. Dr. Sebastian Thekkethecheril and the Vice Charirmen Mar Pauly Kannookkadan and Mar Joseph Pandarassery for their continued support and encouragement.

Fr. Jolly Vakadden 
Secretary, Media Commission