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Abp. Most Rev. Dr. Soosa Pakiam

Bp. Dr. Yoohanon Mar Chrysostom
Vice Chairman

Abp. Mar Mathew Moolakkatt
Vice Chairman

Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt

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Rev. Fr. Shibu Xavier OCD
Pastoral Training Institute

Fr. Stanley Mathirappilly
Chief Editor
Talent Publication Society

Rev. Dr. George Kurukkur
General Editor
POC Publishing House

Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt

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Pastoral Orientation Centre is the Secretariat of the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council. It was blessed by His Eminence Maxmillian Cardinal de Furstenburg on 19 February 1968. The POC is the common centre of pastoral leadership and the abode of the three ritual Churches - the Latin, the Syro-Malabar and the Syro-Malankara - in Kerala.


The mission of the POC is to empower the Church in Kerala for a renewed and committed Christian life and witness. It is realized through proper conscientisation and co-ordination of activities of various Commissions and Departments by regional pastoral assessment, communication and formation in leadership, evangelization, ecumenism and interfaith dialogue, social commitment with special emphasis on publications of value based education, Bible and regional translation of the official documents of the Apostolic See etc. The POC strives to provide proper orientation to the different Catholic organizations in the new evangelization for the transmission of Christian Faith in Kerala. These activities and initiatives are based on the Gospel of Jesus, to serve in truth and love, relevantly restated by the Second Vatican Council.


Pastoral Training INSTITUTE (PTI)

The Pastoral Training Institute is the training Department of the Pastoral Orientation Centre, the Secretariat of the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC). The Institute co ordinates various training programmers organised by the POC. It offers diverse courses, seminars and other programmes for Laity, Religious and Priests. The goal of the courses offered by the PTI is to provide an orientation as well as integral formation to faithful to deepen their faith and handing over the faith in an effective way in their local context. The PTI offers a platform for the faithful from three ritual Churches to come together, discuss, study and imbibe the magisterium of the Church there by enthusiastically involve in the various apostolic ministries of the Church.

Courses and Seminars

The Pastoral Training Institute (PTI) of the POC conducted the following Courses and Seminars during the reported period.

1. Two Years’ Residential Theology and Psychology Course:

It is an integrated course in Psychology, Sacred Scripture, Theology, Spirituality, Catechetics, Personality Development, Leadership, Communicative English, Computer and Liturgical Music. The Institute has tied up with University of Madras to provide the students a Postgraduate Degree in Psychology. A certificate course in counseling, which is included in this course, equip the participants to be good Counsellors.  Apart from the same; the students are awarded Diploma in Religious Studies by the theological faculty of KCBC.

2. Psycho-Pastoral Course on Personality Development and Mental Health:

The PTI organizes the Psycho-pastoral course on Personality Development and Mental Health open to all categories of the people without considering their religious belief. This is a weekly course conducted on every Saturdays from 2 pm to 5 pm. The objective of the course is to foster the mental health of the participants by providing a proper self-understanding and to enable them to help others around them. Last year 52 students attended the course

3. Catechism Teachers’ One-day Seminar.

The all Kerala seminar for Catechism Teachers was conducted at Amaljyothi Engineering College Auditorium, Kanjirappally on 25 July 2015. Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt, Deputy Secretary General, KCBC inaugurated the Seminar. Rev. Fr. Dr. Sebastian Kollamkunnel and Fr. Shibu Xavier OCD addressed the audience. Rev. Fr. Jolly Vadakken and Rev. Fr. Jose Kottayil led the sessions.

4. Three day Seminar on ‘Theology of the Body’

The PTI conducted three days’ workshop on the document ‘Theology of the Body’ by  Pope John Paul II during 13-15 March 2015. It was attended by the Religious, Priests and the Laity. Mar Thomas Chakiath (Bishop Emiritus) inaugurated the Seminar on Theology of the Body. Rev. Dr. George Kurukkor, presided over. Rev. Fr. Jose Kottayil, Dr. Gregory Arby, Rev. Fr.Martin Ode.M., Rev.Dr.Grimbald Lanthamparambil, Rev.Dr.Wilson Sambrical OCD,and Rev.Dr.Mathew Jacob Thiruvalil OIC led the sessions.

5. Pastoral Leadership Workshop.

The PTI conducted Pastoral Leadership workshop from 20th to 24th April 2015. It was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkat, Deputy Secretary General of KCBC. It was a leadership training intended for the Religious. Forty Religious Sisters participated in the Workshop. International Trainer Mr. Dony Peter was the resource person.

6. One day seminar on Laudato SI’.

The PTI conducted one day Seminar on Laudato Si’ on 22nd August 2015. His Excellency, Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Kariyil, Deputy Secretary General of KCBC inaugurated the Seminar. Rev.  Fr.Varghese Vallikkat, Deputy Secretary General, KCBC, presided over. Dr. Mary Rageena, Rev. Dr. Andrews Mekkattukunnel, Dr.C. R. Neelakandan and Rev. Dr. Jose Mulamkattil led the sessions.

7. Three days seminar on Laudato SI’

The PTI conducted three days’ Seminar on Laudato si from 4th to 6th September 2015. Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Julios inaugurated the Seminar.  Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkat, Deputy Secretary General presided over.  Dr. Mary Rgeena, Dr. Jolly Karimbil, Dr. Augustine Pamblany, Dr. Gasper Kadaviparambil, Dr. Roldent Jose Jacob, and Adv. Rajesh Punchathlaykal SJ led the sessions.

8.Three day workshop on the documents of Religious life

The PTI arranged two three days’ Workshops on the Documents of religious life from July 31st to August 2nd and from August 24th to 26th. Rev Fr. Varghese Vallikkat Director, POC presided over. Rev. Dr .Sunil OSJ, Rev. Fr. Jose Kottayil, Rev. Fr. Jolly Vadakkan, Rev. Dr. Jacob Naluparayil, Rev. Dr. Gregory Arby. Rev. Dr. Joseph Puthenpura, Dr. Wilson Samprical OCD, Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkat, and Rev. Dr. Jose Kuriyedath CMI led the sessions.

9.Workshop on Consecrated Life and its Psychological Dimensions

The PTI conducted two ‘three days’ workshops on the ‘Consecrated life and its Psychological Dimensions’. One was from August 7th to 9th and the other from October 2nd to 4th. Around eighty religious attended the programme. Rev. Dr. Manalel was the resource person.


10.Workshop on Awareness and Psycho-Spiritual Integration

The PTI conducted two ‘three days’ workshops on ‘self Awareness and Psycho-Spiritual Integration’, one from September 18th  to 20th and the other from October 16th to 18th. Around eighty religious participated in the programme. Dr. Tomy Tharayil facilitated the whole programme.

11.KCBC Catechism Teachers Award Ceremony

The Award distribution ceremony - ‘KCBC Catechism Teachers Award 2015’ - for outstanding services rendered in the field of faith training was conducted on 25th July 2014 at Amaljyothi College Auditorium Kanjirappally. His Eminence Cardinal Baselios Mar Cleemis Catholicos, KCBC President inaugurated the function and distributed the Awards. Mar Mathew Arackal, Diocese of Kanjirappally,  presided over. Rev. Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt, KCBC Deputy Secretary General, Rev. Fr. Shibu Xavier OCD, the Dean of Studies of Pastoral Training Institute at POC, Rev. Dr. Sebastine Kollemkunnel, Catechism Director of Kanjirappilly Diocese and the Award winners Mr.Kuriakose Mathew, Mr. M.T. George and Mr. Samumel spoke.

12.Preparation of the Moral Science Textbooks in English

The revised series of Moral Science (Value Education) Text Book for Standard I to X (English) has already been published in March 2015. The preparation work of the Textbooks for Plus 1 and Plus 2 classes are fastly progressing. It is intended to publish the new series of Malayalam Text Books in the second phase with a schedule to publish the books during the next academic year. The vision of new series of the Textbook is to transform our students to be more humane and divine persons to build-up a new society of justice, peace, love and harmony.

13. Prayer day for the protection of the Earth

A prayer day for the protection of the earth was observed in POC on 1st  September 2015.  To comply with the exhortation by Pope Francis, the CBCI President, Moran Mor Cardinal Baselios Cleemis also had exhorted the Church in India to observe a prayer day for the same on 1st September 2015.

14. The celebration of the Consecrated Year.

In the context of the Consecrated year, the PTI associated with KCMS in the six major gatherings of the Religious in Kerela at various places. The places were Cochin, Trivandrum, Kottayam, Trichur, Kannur and Kozhikode. It was named as Kadhosh Fest (Celebratioin of Holiness). The KCBC President, Moran Mor Cardinal Baselios  Cleemis Catholicos was present in all gatherings. Local Ordinaries also were present in their respective regions. The CRI  local units animated the gatherings. The present day challenges and the contributions of the Religious in the making of the Kerela Church were the points for discussion. Thanksgiving sacrifice and cultural fiesta were the other major programmes.


POC Publishing House

The P.O.C Publishing House is the official publishing centre of the KCBC. It is responsible for the publications of the KCBC and its Commissions and Departments. The POC is empowered by the KCBC to make decisions regarding the editing, scrutiny, printing, pricing, storing and marketing of publications. The POC gives special emphasis on the publishing of Moral Science Text Books, Catechism Text Books and the regional translations of the Bible and also of the official documents of the Apostolic See.  The Catechism Text Books (School Catechism for +1 and +2) and Moral Science Text Books (for Standard I to XII) are being published and distributed from the POC. During this reporting year following books were published and also reprinted by POC Publishing House.


  • The year 2015 is marked by the fulfillment of a long cherished dream of publishing the “Life is Beautiful” series of Moral Science English Text Books for school students from STD I to X. Standard XI and XII are getting ready for use in  the Academic year 2016-17.
    • Samarpithar Sabhayil (Malayalam): A Compendium of Church Documents on Consecrated Life
    • Karunayude Mugham (Malayalam): Translation of Year of Mercy Bull of Indiction Misericordiae Vultus
    • Laudato Si (English): Translation of Encyclical Letter ‘Laudto Si
    • Karthave Angekku Sthudhi (Malayalam): Translation of Encyclical Letter ‘Laudto Si
    • Divya Karunya Veedhiyil (Malayalam): First Communion Handbook for Special School children
    • Karuna Sampannan (Malayalam): Translation of St. John PaulII’s Encyclical letter Dives in Misericordia

 Publication and Distribution of the Holy Bible

The Bible Apostolate has been one of the major objectives of the POC. It is fulfilled with the help of the KCBC Bible Commission and the Catholic Bible Society, which function at POC. At present five types of Complete Bible and seven types of New Textament are being published. A total number of 2,17,532 copies of various formats of Bible were distributed during the year through the Bible Society.

Abstract of Balance Sheet as on 31 March 2015


Liabilities (Source of Fund)                                                                       Amount (R)

Capital fund                                                                                 -            4,13,78,339.99

Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Special Fund                                       -               46,34,718.00

Other liabilities                                                                            -               25,90,417.00

                                                                                             Total            4,86,03,474.99

Assets (Application of Fund)

Fixed assets                                                                                 -            1,43,00,024.71

Advances, receivables & other assets                                          -            1,46,18,067.77

Cash & bank balances                                                                  -            1,96,85,382.51

                                                                                             Total            4,86,03,474.99



Abstract of Income and Expenditure Account

for the year ended 31 March 2015

Income                                                                                                         Amount (R)

By Donation from foreign sources                                              -                 9,82,100.00

By Income from POC Publications                                             -            3,52,13,176.20

By Income from facilities provided                                            -               25,76,212.00

By Other Income                                                                         -               22,75,857.00

                                                                                             Total            4,10,47,345.20



To POC Publication expenses                                                     -            3,01,34,972.00

To Courses and seminar                                                               -               43,54,525.00

To CLC Youth animation                                                            -                    59,318.00

To Other operational expenses                                                    -               50,51,047.84

To Depreciation                                                                           -               10,76,702.79

To Excess of income over expenditure                                        -                 3,70,779.57

                                                                                             Total            4,10,47,345.20


Proposed Budget for the year 2015 – 2016

Income                                                                                                         Amount (R)

Donation from foreign sources                                                    -                 5,00,000.00

By Income from POC Publications                                             -            3,79,00,000.00

Income from facilities provided                                                  -               26,00,000.00

Other Income                                                                               -               20,00,000.00

                                                                                             Total            4,30,00,000.00


POC Publication expenses                                                           -            3,25,00,000.00

Courses and seminar                                                                    -               15,00,000.00

CLC Youth animation                                                                 -                    60,000.00

Other operational expenses                                                          -               65,00,000.00

Depreciation                                                                                -               11,00,000.00

Excess of income over expenditure                                             -               13,40,000.00

                                                                                             Total            4,30,00,000.00


Sd/-                                                                                               Sd/-

 Director                                                                          Financial Administrator



Palarivattom Community Development Trust (PCDT)

Palarivattom Community Development Trust (PCDT) is the social welfare centre of the Pastoral Orientation Centre (POC), established in the year 1978. The PCDT aims at the overall development of poor people residing in and around Palarivattom. The PCDT is a registered Trust and some of the neighborhood people are also the members of the Trust. It has 1.2 acres of land and two buildings for its activities. This centre has been working with the sincere co-operation of some well-wishers.


(1) Tailoring Centre, (2) Lourdes Health Clinic run by the support of Lourdes Hospital Ernakulam. (3) ARDSI dementia day care centre. (4) Geriatric training programme for six months by Central Government of India and hosted by ARDSI. (5) A National helpline for dementia (newly started and functioning in the centre) under ARDSI (6) Home visits, (7) Organic Farming, (8) Ornaments Making, (9) Screen Printing and (10) Fabric Printing.

Tailoring Centre:

There are twenty students attending the tailoring classes this year on regular basis. The centre is giving different kinds of craft and tailoring skills, stitching, cutting, sewing, hand embroidery, machine embroidery etc. to the participants. Young ladies as well as married women are benefited out of this. Very poor girls are also attending the classes and get equipped with different kinds of tailoring skills, which is beneficial for their future livelihood.

Ornaments Making:

The centre gives training in ornaments making which is done as a short-term course. During school vacation so many school girls took part in the ornaments making class and benefited out of it. In association with the ornament making course, the centre also conducted some class on Screen-printing and Fabric printing. The course was useful for young girls and also to many housewives who participated in the training programmes.

Lourdes Clinic:

The PCDT in collaboration with the Lourdes super specialty hospital of Ernakulam offers medical assistance to the needy people at free of cost through the Lourdes Clinic. On every Monday, the Clinic provides its services including free check-up and supply of medicines at free of cost to the patients. An average of 30 to 40 persons benefits the service of the clinic every Monday.

Home Visits:

Home visits are being done to assess the needs and problems of people around the Pastoral Orientation Centre. During these visits, special guidance and counseling is given to the sick and old aged people. Some of the families are the beneficiaries of “Save A Family Plan” of the Welfare Centre Ponnurunni of the Ernakulam-Angamaly Archdiocese and they are getting financial benefits from 2010 onwards. Under this scheme, the PCDT could buy an Auto rickshaw for a needy family so as to enable them to   find their livelihood. Some of the families are enjoying the financial grant for the studies of their children.


Organic Farming:

The organic farming was started in the 1.2 acres of land of the PCDT. This year the PCDT planted variety of vegetables and the plantation depends on the technique of crop rotation. Msc. Psychology students of the Pastoral Training Institute of the POC are involved in the organic farming process and it provides an opportunity for them to learn the vegetable cultivation. This training gives the students a positive attitude towards environment and nature.

ARDSI Programmes:

In the PCDT campus, the Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI) organises various programmes.  A Day care centre for the Alzheimer’s is run. Besides, a  Geriatric nursing course - a programme for six months -by the support of Central Government of India and National helpline for dementia  is being conducted.


I  take this opportunity to thank Sr. Lucy SKD, the present programme Co ordinator, and all the staff members for their dedicated and committed service to the Centre. I gratefully remember and thank all the well wishers who helped the Trust in many ways, especially the KCBC office bearers.

Fr. Varghese Vallikkatt

President, PCDT



TALENT, (Registered in 1978 under Registrar of Newspapers of India, New Delhi, R.N. 29523/78), is a monthly for adult catechesis published from POC from January 1979 onwards. POC started this Magazine mainly with the aim of the renovation and unification of all catechetical activities of the Kerala Catholic Church, including the three individual churches – Syro Malabar, Latin and Syro Malankara. Training for the Catechism Teachers, publications of the Catechism texts for children and Guides for Teachers were the main activities of the POC at that time. To help the Catechism teachers with theological, catechetical and biblical knowledge, ‘TALENT’ did a great service.

“alent’ is owned by a charitable Society, named ‘Talent Publications Trust’ (Registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable societies Registration Act XII of 1955 with no. EK/220/1979). The Trust is constituted by all the catechetical Directors of the Dioceses, the editorial Board members and the resident KCBC Commission Secretaries at POC. Talent is now one of the big elements of unity among the sui juris Churches of Kerala. It still holds to the original purpose ie, adult catechesis. Each issue deals with a particular subject in detail.

This year, 2015, being the year of the Consecrated, Talent Magazine dedicated to publish articles on consecrated life by eminent writers in five issues ( from February to June). Talent has presented different dimensions and aspects of Consecrated life in all these issues. So also has translated and published the Papal bull of the Year of the Consecrated, ‘Witnesses of Joy’.  July and August issues focused on Education and on the Catholic teaching. September and October issues were on Environment in the light of Pope Francis’s new encyclical ‘Laudatosi’. November issue was dealt with the subject ‘Jubilee year of Mercy’. December issue is focused on Family in the context of the teachings of the 14th ordinary Synod of the Bishops. As the Consecrated year continues till February 2016, each issue of Talent publishes two articles on Religious life for the meditation of the Religious.

Experts in each subject have been  written all the articles. There were also regular columns on Bible, difficult passages and phrases in the Bible, current news, short stories, poems etc.


Total income & expenditure April 2014- March 2015


Subscriptions Received                                    172255

Income from Advertisement               130500

Interest from Bank                                               8557

Donations & Contribution                                  9600

Excess of income over Expenditure               178581.84



Printing Charges                                             301000

Postage                                                               25359

Salary & Remuneration                                   154500

Telephone charges                                     3162

Traveling Expenses                                                770.10

Office Expenses                                                   2218

Miscellaneous Expenses                                     10796

Bank charges                                                            64

Depreciation                                                         1624.74

Future Budget

Printing Charge                                               300000

DTP Charge                                                      30000

Postage                                                              15000           

Salary                                                              150000                       

Traveling Expense&