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Temperance Commission
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Bp. Remigiose Inchananiyil

Bp. Christudas R
Vice Chairman

Bp. Joshua Mar Ignathios
Vice Chairman

Rev. Fr. Jacob Vellamaruthunkal

Rev. Fr. Antony T. James
Joint Secretary

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“Open the Doors, doors of mercy” a timely invitation and exhortation of Pope Francis is echoing around the world. ‘To be merciful like our Heavenly Father’ is the challenge before us. At the mouth of intolerance and hatred, war and threats, division and exclusion, misery and poverty, ailment and death, we have a mission to be merciful. We can’t show mercy or do charity unless we know the issue and in a right biblical term we “read the signs of the time”.

Temperance commissions strive for such a mission, saving people from the addictions of drugs and alcohol, and make them to experience the Life in abundance (Jn. 10: 10). KCBC constituted a Commission in 1998, Dec. 4th with the slogan “Alcohol free Church and Society”. To promote and implement this prophetic mission, we have KCBC Madyavirudha Samithy which is functioning in 31 Catholic Dioceses in Kerala. The Reduction of the substance such as Demand reduction, Supply reduction and Risk reduction, are our triple formula of actions. In five levels - Parish, Forane, Diocesan, Regional and State, we have activities.


Temperance Commission

This year KCBC Temperance Commission celebrates 'Vimsathi Year' (20th year) of its glorious social commitment inside the church and the society all around. The organization fights unceasingly against the social evils mainly the substance abuse. As an income to the Government they supported much in the business of alcohol for the last 3 years. Unfortunately our government is least concerned of our human resources especially the younger generation. Temperance Commission with its basic pattern of activity supply deduction, demand deduction and risk deduction moved forward to a great extend last year also. 

With the purpose of supply deduction the Samithi submitted memorandum to the Governor, Chief Minister and opposition leader to cut-short the sale of liquor and the allotment of new shops. We conduct agitations in general and in particular against the newly opened beverages outlets and bars. We also formed alert cells throughout the state to sense the government's movement in this realm. The Samithi conducted stand-n-strike against the government's movement to establish new bruveries. 

As the part of demand deduction activities, we are fully engaged in the conscientization programmes in diocesan levels and in state level. We equip resource persons by training programmes in state and diocesan levels and send them to parishes, house visiting, unit formation, corner meetings, common meetings, public meetings etc. came under conscientization programmes. Conscientization to the youth and children is our main thrust. Audio-visual programmes, classes and other art forms are used for college and school programmes. 
In the realm of risk deduction we visit and collect the addicted persons and send them to the proper asylum for treatment. Our counsellors give, counselling to the damaged families and help them to recover.
Grand finale of 'Vimsathi Year' will be conducted on the month of February at Ernakulam. We will honour all the dedicated anti-alcoholic and anti narcotic activities in this meeting. 

Fr. Jacob Vellamaruthumkal 
Secretary, Temperance Commission