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Vocation Commission
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Bp. Vincent Samuel

Bp. Samuel Mar Irenios
Vice Chairman

Abp. Joseph Perumthottom
Vice Chairman

Rev. Fr. Bijoy Augustine

Fr. Sebastian Jacobi OSJ
Joint Secretary

Rev. Fr. Joseph Poovathumtharayil
Joint Secretary

Rev. Fr. Sebastian Muttamthottil MCBS
Joint Secretary

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Fr. Joby Poochakandathil
Cherupusha Mission League

Benny Mathew Muthanatt
Cherupusha Mission League

Binu M.C.
Cherupusha Mission League

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The KCBC Vocation Commission stands to foster and to co-ordinate all the Vocation Pastoral activities of the KCBC. It is thet organ which works also as a liaison between the various organs in the vocation promotion scenario. It inspires, stimulates, co-ordinates, regulates and supplements the work of promoting vocations in Kerala.

Kerala Vocation Service Centre (KVSC) is the Secretariat of the KCBC Vocation Commission and the Directorate of the Kerala Vocation Directors’ Conference. This organization was established on October 4th in  1970 at Bharananganam with the objective of promoting religious vocations in Kerala by creating awareness among Children, Youth and Parents


Annual Report of the KCBC Vocation Commission
December 2017 – November 2018

The KCBC Vocation Commission stands to foster and to coordinate all the Vocation Pastoral activities of the KCBC. It works as a liaison between the various organs in the vocation promotion scenario. 
The commission has Rt. Rev. Dr. Vincent Samuel as the Chairman, Mar Joseph Perumthottam and Samuel Mar Irenios as the commission members and Dr. Bijoy Augustine Marottickal as the Secretary.There are the three vocation commission secretaries of the three sui juris churches as joint secretaries: Rev. Fr. Sebastian Muttanthottiyil MCBS from the Syro-Malabar Church, Rev. Fr. Sebastian Jacobi OSJ from the Latin Church and Rev. Fr. John Kuttiyil from the Syro-Malankara Church. 

After the specific mandate from the KCBC officials to bifurcate the KCBC Secretariat from the KVSC directorate, from this year the office of the KVSC is no more working as the secretariat of the KCBC Vocation Commission, but rather as an independent office under the supervision of the said commission. While the Director of the KVSC is elected from the General Body, the Secretary of the Commission is appointed by the KCBC with ritual rotation. At the Annual General Body Meeting held on December 2nd 2017, Saturday, at POC, Ernakulam, election was held to the post of the Director of the Kerala Vocation Service Centre. The present Director of KVSC is Rev. Fr. Jomet Joseph KolathSVD.

The KCBC Vocation Commission is now registered as a trust as recommended by the KCBC, with 12A number. Many vocation resources based on scientific study and write ups have been produced to enable deeper reflections on the same. Various types of training programmes had been given to vocation animators, formators and candidates. Usage of Shalom and Goodness TV, internet and social media had been well placed within the animation schedule. Regular visits to diocesan and congregational headquarters had been done. We have become the animating nucleus of the vocation ministry in Kerala at a time when the scenario breathed desperation. 

Years before KCBC Vocation Commission introduced a system of registration and certification so that everyone could go anywhere in Kerala for vocation animation and would not be hindered. This was a protection also against faulty vocation promoters. This year onwards certificates for vocation promotors are issued only by the respective vocation commissions of the three individual churches.The problems faced by vocation promoters individually and as groups, especially that of safety, fake vocation promoters, arrogant and non-collaborating parish priests etc. would continue unless at the ritual level actions are taken against it. Perhaps it is going to be more effective at the ritual level.

We realize that though there are realistic pictures of a fall in vocation numbers, there is also a steady rise in the number of post plus two students willing to join. There is a better climate of prayer for vocations and almost all the dioceses and congregations have taken upon themselves the need for prayer for vocation. All the three rites had been asked to conduct a survey on the quantity and quality of vocations and vocation fall in Kerala and the results are still pending.

After leaving space for individual vocation directors and promoters to do the preliminary works regional members were brought together in five regions. The emphasis this year also was laid on giving more working space to the five regions. In each of these regions, regional coordinator, secretary and a council has been elected and have begun functioning which will give a positive thrust for this ministry. Creatively newer ideas and more realistic ventures are hoped to rise from this division. Animation and training programmes are being held at the regional level so that many more animators could take part. Our concentration was to provide our resources to regions so that there could be more activities at the local level. 

The Commission is grateful to Rev. Fr. Raju Chakkanattu SDB for seven long years of sincere and dedicated service as the Secretary of the Vocation Commission of the KCBC and as the Director of the Kerala Vocation Service Centre.

Dr. Bijoy Augustine Marottickal
Secretary, KCBC Vocation Commission