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Family Commission
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Bp. Mar Sebastian Adayanthrath

Bp. Joshua Mar Ignathios
Vice Chairman

Bp. Joseph Karikkassery
Vice Chairman

Rev. Fr. Paul Madassery

Rev. Fr. Kurian Kizhakkekara
Joint Secretary

Rev Fr. Francis Dixon Fernandez
Joint Secretary

Rev. Fr. Joseph Kollakompil
Joint Secretary

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Rev. Fr. Paul Madassery
Pro_Life Samithy

Sabu Jose
Pro_Life Samithy

Adv. Josey Xavier
General Secretary
Pro_Life Samithy

Achamma Thomas
Society Of Marian Singles

Shirly Scaria
Society Of Marian Singles


The KCBC Family Commission is an important Commission under the gifted guidance of Kerala Catholic Bishops Cuncil (KCBC). It is constituted to promote and support marriage and family life at different stages and at all levels, in all its aspects. It is mainly done at the centre level by coordinating, networking, encouraging and supporting the Diocesan Family Apostolate activities.

Currently, the Commission is headed by Bishop Mar Sebastian Edayanthrath as the Chairman and Rt. Rev. Dr. Varghese Chakkalakal and Bishop Dr. Philipose Mar Stephanose as the Vice Chairmen. Big thanks to Rev. Fr. Jose Kottayil who had been the Secretary to the KCBC Family Commission for the last 11 Years. From August 2015 onwards Rev.Fr. Paul Madassery is the Secretary to the Family Commission.  Rev. Fr. Joseph Venmanath, Rev. Fr. John Puliparambil and Rev. Fr. Joseph Kollakompil, representing the three individual Churches in Kerala, are the Joint Secretaries.

According to its statutes, given and promulgated on 15th August 1997, its aim and objective, i.e. Vision and Mission, is to promote whatever would contribute for the renewal and enrichment of family life. The Commission strives:


-to foster spiritual development and total well- being of the families

-to promote respect for life in all its forms and stages

-to study, plan and implement family welfare programmes in collaboration with the 
  Government and other voluntary agencies

-to publish books and periodicals and   

 -to co-ordinate, guide and help the family renewal activities in the Dioceses


KCBC Family Commission

‘Family, Become what you are’ 
This is the synopsis of the annual report of KCBC Family Commission. The Commission for Family tries to promote and support marriage and family life at different stages and all levels, in all its aspects. It is mainly done at the centre level by coordinating, networking, encouraging and supporting the diocesan family Apostolates.

Central Office Bearers: 
Chairman: Bp Mar Sebastian Adayanthrath, Vice Chairmen: Rt. Rev. Dr Joseph Karikkassery, Bp Dr. Joshua Mar Ignathios Secretary: Fr Paul Madassery Joint secretaries: Rev.Fr Philip Valiyakavumkal, Rev Fr. Francis Dixon Fernandez, Rev Fr Joseph Kollakompil and Tresurer: Mr. Varghese Tiruvalla.

Executive committee:
State office bearers plus the elected 4 representatives (one priest from among the directors, one sister, one layman, and one lay woman) elected from each of the five zones.

General assembly: 
Director, sister animator, one layman and one lay woman elected from each of the 32 dioceses and the central office bearers. 

Main Activities of the year:
The major activities of the family commission are presented here under the following three heads:
1) Family Commission activities 
2) Society of Marian singles
3) All Kerala Pro-life Samithi

1. Family Commission activities 
a) Training of Trainers (TOT)
TOT was arranged in two regions for the resource persons to the marriage preparation courses in the dioceses in Kerala. Marriage Preparation course is conducted in all the dioceses in Kerala with specific syllabus. The schema for MPC was revised in the last year.

b) Marriage Preparation course for the Deaf
This is a new initium of the KCBC Family Commission. The Commission conducted two Marriage Preparation Courses at POC in this year. The programme lasted for three days. It is the first time such a programme conducted in the history of the Kerala Catholic Church. In each course more than fifty deaf participated and the admission was open to non-Catholics also.

c) Matrimonial for the Deaf
This is a new venture of KCBC Family Commission. The Commission started matrimonial service for the deaf namely, ‘KCBC Matrimony for the Deaf.’ This is the first matrimony in India for the deaf.

d) Ephatha-Deaf Couple Enrichment Programme
Another initiative of the commission this year is ‘Ephatha’ conducted on 14th July2018. This is a deaf couple enrichment programme and sixty couples participated in the programme. 

e) Other activities in diocesan level
Courses for the married couples are conducted according to life cycle of the couples like first year, children’s school time, their adolescence and their wedding time etc. And also we conduct refreshment courses for the couples after 25/50/60 years of their marriage. 

f) General body meeting
The General body meeting was conducted on 24th November 2017. The Commission Chairman Bp Mar Sebastian Adayanthrath presented the real situations of the families in Kerala with statistics and citing incidents from the media. Directors presented the activities of the family apostolate in their dioceses.

d) Publication
This year also the Commission published a new book namely, Vivahathinai Orungumbol edited by Fr Paul Madassery, was released on March 16th by Bishop Dr. Joseph Karikkassery, Vice Chairman, KCBC Family Commission. The book is intended to distribute among the participants in marriage preparation courses conducted by various dioceses in Kerala.

2. Society of Marian Singles
This registered society (ER 358/9) works for the integral development for catholic single women in Kerala Catholic Church. Society organizes seminars and training programme for their uplifting. It also helps them to accept their life as a divine call to find their mission in church and society. 
Major activities of the year

a) Marian Psycho Spiritual Logos Retreat
A three days retreat was arranged for the members of the society on 19th February 2018. Rev. Fr Sunny Pulparambil was the retreat preacher. 54 members participated in the retreat.

b) General body meeting 
This year the general body gathered at Flower Villa on 18th May 2018. 48 members were present. The executive committee for the coming year was elected. The office bearers for the current year are: President-Achamma Thomas Naruthukil (Idukki diocese), Secretary-Sherly Scaria kallukulangara (Kanjirappilly diocese), and Treasurer-Sini varghese (Verapoly).

c) Executive meeting
The executive team met five times this year (7th March 2018, 8th May 2018, 16th July 2018, 22nd September 2018, and 15th October 2018). Generally meeting is held at Flower Villa Oonnukal.

d) Anniversary of Flower Villa 
The 7th anniversary of Flower Villa at Oonnukal was celebrated on 8th December 2017. Rev. Fr Paul Madassery Secretary KCBC Family Commission presided over the final meeting of the anniversary. It was followed by the holy mass and competitions for the members. 40 singles were present in the celebration. 

e) Badaniya 2018
An all Kerala Singles Meet was conducted at POC on 6th April 2018. 64 singles participated in this two days programme. 
f) Maria Bhavan-A new regional centre for Marian Singles
Miss Mary Pynadath a retired teacher donated a building around 3500 square feet in 13 cents at Angamaly Karukutty to start the regional centre for Marian Singles. The Singles from the nearest dioceses may gather there for prayer, seminar, and retreat and for other training programmes. 

3. All Kerala Pro-life Samithi
It is a registered society working for the integrated growth of life from the womb to tomb. This Samithi is always vigilant to protect the rights of the human life whenever they are threatened. This year for the effective functioning 32 Catholic dioceses in Kerala is divided into five geographical zones.

Activities of the year
a) Prolife Day 25th March 2018
One of the major activities of the samithi this year is prolife day celebration at Snehalayam, Thrissur. Archbishop Mar Andrews Thazhath presided over the meeting. He insisted to stand for the life, to stand with the needy during his presidential address.

b) Distribution of the prolife awards
Pro-life awards were distributed to the dioceses for the best prolife performance in the diocesan level. This year dioceses of Thamarassery, Thrissur and Kollam were selected for the awards. 

c) Day for the Poor-11th November 2017
Prolife Samithi gathered in Abhaya Bhavan Koovappady on the ‘Day for the Poor’. KCBC Family Commission Chairman Mar Sebastian Adayathrath was the chief guest to the programme. Samithi executive members spent the whole day with the inmates of the house and it was really a different experience for all of us.

d) General body 
The annual meeting conducted at POC on 27th October 2018. The newly elected office bearers for the coming year are: President-Sabu Jose (Ernakulam-Angamaly), Vice Presidents-James Azhchangadan (Thrissur), Ummachan P Chakkupurackal (Alappuzha), Nancy Paul (Bathery), General Secretary-Adv. Josey Xavier (Kochi), Secretaries- Molly Jacob (Bathery), Martin Nunus (Verapoly), Rona Rebeiro (Kollam), Shibu Kochuparambil (Thamarassery), Varghese M.A. (Thrissur), Treasurer –Tomy Plathottam (Thamarassery), and Animator-Sr. Mary George FCC (Pala), George F Xavier (Kollam).

I sincerely thank our Commission Chairmen for their deep interest, all the bishops for their support and love, diocesan directors of the family apostolate and their co- workers for their co- operation.

Thank you all.

Rev. Fr Paul Madassery
Secretary, KCBC Family Commission