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Witness Of Mercy Seminar   

Witness Of Mercy Seminar Held On 28th march 2017 to 2nd april 2017 

Temperance commission meeting   

Temparance commission meeting Held On 1st april 2017 at 2pm to 5pm

Moral Science Textbook Meeting   

Moral Science Textbook Meeting Held On 3rd april 2007 at 4.30pm




His Grace Mar George Njaralakkatt Archbishop of Thellichery
His Grace Mar George Njaralakkatt Archbishop of Thellichery
Archbishop's House,Thalassery
Archbishop's House, P.B. No.70, Thalassery - 673 101
0490-2344977, 2341058

  Birth  23-6-- YY -
   Feast  - DD --0-- YY -


He was born on 23-6-1946 and belongs to the parish of Nadavayal in the eparchy of the Mananthavady. He was ordained priest on 20-12-1971 and has served the eparchy as assistant parish priest, parish priest, director of catechism and Mission League, eparchial finance officer, syncellus, eparchial administrator sede vacante, and later as protosyncellus of Bishop Jose Porunnedom (present bishop of Mananthavady). Since 2006 he was serving the eparchy of Bhadravathi as its Protosyncellus until his appointment as the Bishop of Mandya. He holds a licentiate in Catechetics

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