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01 SUN Hightech Agro Farm – Training Program St. Luke’s Hall. 01.30 pm

02 MON Oxygen – Training Program begins St. Paul’s Hall 09.00 am

02 MON Monthly Recollection POC Chapel 06.30 pm

04 WED College Managers Meeting
Abp. Andrews Thazhath L.F. Auditorium 10.00 am

04 WED Bible Class L.F. Auditorium 05.30 pm

05 THU Fathers Staff Meeting St. Peter’s Hall 08.35 am

05 THU Sahitya Sayannam MT Auditorium 05.30 pm

05 THU Theology Course L.F. Auditoriuml 05.00 pm

06 FRI First Friday Adoration POC Chapel 12.30 pm

07 SAT Jesus Fraternity Executive Meeting
Abp. Joseph Kalathiparambil St. Peter’s Hall 09.30 am

07 SAT Oxygen – Training Program concludes St. Paul’s Hall 04.00 pm

07 SAT Psychology Class St. Paul’s Hall 02.00 pm

07 SAT Bible Commission General Body Meeting
Bp. Abraham Mar Julios L.F. Auditorium 02.00 pm

09 MON CHAI Nursing Excellency Program begins St. Peter’s Hall 10.00am

10 TUE CHAI Nursing Excellency Program concludes St. Peter’s Hall 02.00 pm

11 WED Logic – Students Gathering MT Auditorium 10.00 am

11 WED KLM Diocesan Directors Meeting begins St. Luke’s Hall 05.00 pm





His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Sebastian Thekethecheril
His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Sebastian Thekethecheril
Vijayapuram Bishop's House, Kottayam
Vijayapuram Bishop's House P. B. No. 82, Kottayam - 686 001
0481-2565863, 2563747

  Birth  30-7-1954
   Feast  20-01-- YY -


Bishop Sebastian Thekethecheril was born on July 30, 1954 at Aapadanad Parish of Vanavathukara in the diocese of Vijayapuram in the state of Kerala. He studied at Vijayapuram Seminary and completed his studies from Pontifical Seminary, Alwaye. He did his doctorate in Canon Law from Urban University, Rome. He was ordained a priest on Dec. 18, 1980 for the diocese of Vijayapuram. He served the church as a parish priest and also as the Secretary to the bishop. He also served as the Chancellor, Vicar General and the Director of the Vijayapuram Social Service Society. He was appointed bishop on May 8, 2006 and ordained bishop on July 2, 2006 by Bishop Peter Thuruthikonam.

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