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Witness Of Mercy Seminar   

Witness Of Mercy Seminar Held On 28th march 2017 to 2nd april 2017 

Temperance commission meeting   

Temparance commission meeting Held On 1st april 2017 at 2pm to 5pm

Moral Science Textbook Meeting   

Moral Science Textbook Meeting Held On 3rd april 2007 at 4.30pm




His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Selvister Ponnumuthan
His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Selvister Ponnumuthan
Bishop's House, Punalur
Bishop's House, Punalur-691305

  Birth  10-08-1956
   Feast  31-12-- YY -


Bishop Selvister Ponnumuthan was born on Aug. 10, 1956 as the fourth son of N. Ponnumuthan Nadar and Thankamma in Uchakada village in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. After the completion of his schooling, he joined St. Vincents Minor Seminary at Trivandrum and completed his college education in St Xaviers College, Thumb. He joined St. Josephs Pontifical Seminary Carmelgiri in 1975. He was ordained a priest on Dec. 19, 1981 by Bishop Jacob Acharuparambil. He served four months as assistant parish priest before taking over the charge of prefect in St. Vincent minor seminary for eight years. Later he took his doctorate from Gregorian University Rome on spirituality of basic Christian communities. He joined Carmelgiri Seminary, Aluva as lecturer in 1996 and was appointed as vice rector of the seminary in 1998, elevating to post of Rector in 2008. He was ordained as the third Bishop of Punalur diocese by Archbishop Maria Calist Soosapakiam on June 28, 2009.

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