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KCF Leaders Meeting   

KCF Leaders Meeting Held On 10th march  to 11th march 2017

KLM Meeting   

KLM Meeting Held On 11th march  to 12th march 2017 at 6.00pm

Family Commission Pro Life State Meeting   

Family Commission Pro Life State Meeting Held On 11th March 2017 at 10.00am

KLM Directors Meeting   

KLM Directors Meeting Held On 13th march 2017 at 9.30 am

Witness Of Mercy Seminar   

Witness Of Mercy Seminar Held On 28th march 2017 to 2nd april 2017 

Temperance commission meeting   

Temparance commission meeting Held On 1st april 2017 at 2pm to 5pm

Moral Science Textbook Meeting   

Moral Science Textbook Meeting Held On 3rd april 2007 at 4.30pm




His Excellency Rt. Bev. Dr. Alex Vadakumthala
His Excellency Rt. Bev. Dr. Alex Vadakumthala
Bishop's House, Chovva
Bishop's House, Chovva P.O, Kannur 670 006
0497-2729977(0), 2729966(P)

  Birth  14-06-1959
   Feast  14-6-- YY -


Bishop Dr. Alex Vadakumthala born at Panagad, Kerala, India on 14 June 1959 and was ordained as Priest on December 19, 1984 He served as the Vicar General of Archdiocese of Verapoly . He was appointed as Bishop of Kannur 1 February 2014.[1]He has served as the Executive Secretary of the CBCI Commission for Health Care. He had also served as the Project Director, Constant Lievens National Academy of Healy Sciences, Ranchi (CBCIs - Ambitious Medical College and Hospital Project for North India).[2]

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