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16 MON Fiat Mission – Consultation Meeting Bp. Chacko Thottumarikal, Bp. Barnabas St. Paul’s Hall 02.30 pm

18 WED Bible Class L.F. Auditorium 05.30 pm

19 THU Theology Class L.F. Auditorium 05.30 pm

19 THU Professional Drama – Akshara Creations,Trivandrum MT Auditorium 07.00 pm

21 SAT Psychology Class L.F. Auditorium 02.00 pm

21 SAT Family Commission- Dr. Sisters Conference Begins St. Paul’s Hall 05.00 pm

22 SUN Family Commission – Dr. Sisters Conference St. Paul’s Hall 01.00 pm

25 WED Social Justice Dept. Training Program Begins Sts. Paul & Luke 09.00 am

25 WED Bible Class L.F. Auditorium 05.30 pm

26 THU Social Justice Dept. Training Program Concludes St. Paul & St. Luke 10.00 am

26 THU Theology Course L.F. Auditorium 05.00 pm

27 FRI Theology of the Body Training Begins St. Paul’s Hall 10.00 am

28 SAT Psychology Class L.F. Auditorium 02.00 pm

29 SUN Theology of the Body TrainingConcludes St. Paul’s Hall 10.00 am



Mar Clemens Thottungal CMI
Mar Clemens Thottungal CMI

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The eparchy (Diocese) of Sagar was erected as an Apostolic Exarchate by the bull Quo Aptius dated July 29, 1968, cutting out from the Archdiocese of Bhopal the civil districts of Sagar, Raisen and Vidisha. Again at the request of the Bishop of Ajmer-Jaipur, the district of Guna was added to the Exarchate of Sagar by the decree of De Bono Animarum on 2 April 1973. The civil district of Guna was further bifurcated on August 15, 2003 to form the district of Ashoknagar. At present, eparchy of Sagar consists of five civil districts in Madhya Pradesh, namely Sagar, Raisen, Vidisha, Guna and Ashoknagar. The Holy See by its decree Divina Verba on 26 February 1977 raised the Apostolic Exacrchate to the Status of a proper eparchy. The eparchy covers an area about 40,000 km2. Mar Clemens Thottungal CMI was the first bishop of the eparchy. Mar Joseph Pastor Neelankavil CMI succeeded him as second bishop of the eparchy. After his retirement in the year 2006, Mar Anthony Chirayath is the bishop of the eparchy. The area is rather under developed due to various social, economic and cultural reasons. 85% of the people are farmers or farm-workers. The labour is not well organised, and consequently a lot of exploitation prevails. 80% of the people are Hindus belonging to various castes and the rest are Muslims, Jains, Sikhs, Adivasis and a very small minority of Christians. Out of the total population of 6 million peoples, the Christians are only 12,000 of which 7,000 are Catholics. The various Socio-Pastoral, Medical and Educational apostolates of the Church are being carried out in the eparchy under the Sagar Diocesan Service Society (SDSS), which is registered under M.P. Government Firms and Societies Registration Act. For better coordination and management, the social work apostolate of the diocese is being carried out by Manav Vikas Seva Sangh (MVSS). There are also St. Francis Society (SFS) and Pushpa Service Society (PSS). All of these societies are registered under M.P. Government Firms and Societies Registration Act. The eparchy has 15 parishes and about 55 mission centres. Through various pastoral activities, the missionaries take care of the spiritual needs of the Catholics and other Gospel proclaiming programmes. There are many developmental programmes by which the poor farmers and poverty stricken people are helped. Missionaries in Sagar have always tried to venture into new areas of apostolate according to the need.

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